Monday, June 29, 2009

The Supposed Chinese Ban On Gold Farming

A couple of hours ago the news about gold farming being banned by the Chinese government started to spread over the Internet. The first article at Newsweek claims that China is banning gold farming, but if you actually read the article, it says:
The most popular form of virtual currency in China is called "QQ coins," a form of virtual credit issued by

And later:
The government justifies its ban on virtual currency trading as a way to curtail gambling and other illegal online activities.

So my conclusion is that this is all about the QQ currency, not WoW Gold. It is just business as usual: a twisted headline for an article that is not that controversial. After all, QQ is probably used to circumvent the Chinese anti-gambling laws - and WoW gold is not.

What Is Runescape GP?

Another domain regstered is that is using the top domain for Guadeloupe. I had to send my passport to prove my identity and pay a stiff registration fee but everything seems to go well.

The interesting thing is that gp is the abbreviation for gold piece in Runescape and pretty much an acronym for money inside the game. The Google Adwords Keyword Tool shows a Global Monthly Search Volume of 8100 for runescape gp and that should be high conversion traffic.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Who is Zezima?

And what makes 250 000 people search for him/her in Google each month? Zezima is a player in the game Runescape. Runescape is a game few ever heard of but it is still the second largest game after World of Warcraft in its genre. The reason behind Zezima's popularity is that he/she was at the top of the hiscore list for several years.

Now to what made in interested in Zezima - the popularity of the search term and the lack of competition makes it a good opportunity to seach engine optimize a webpage and get up to 250 000 (searches per month) / 30 (days) * 40% (of total searches) ≅ 3000 visitors a day. With Google Adwords ads with a click through rate of 2% and a cost per click of $0.20 it would give 3000 * 0,02 * 0,20 = $12 per day. If we assume the clicks get paid a little less, but the website also gets visitors from long tail searches, it is still at least $10 per day. This means a monthly income of $300.

Said and done. I registered and put up a Joomla website still under construction. After 3 days it was already indexed thanks to its sitemap.xml that I pinged Google with. The site showed up at position #12 for its search term. The website is now being developed to a genuine website about Zezima, complete with forum, articles, polls and news feeds. I will update this post with further information about the progress of this project.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Who Is The Deadliest Warrior - Samurai Or Viking?

This is candy for a genuine geek - when I was young, there were often discussions on who are really the deadliest - ninjas or samurais. The pros and cons of different martial arts were also debated generously. Now there is finally a bunch of over grown kids with a Hollywood budget that have found the truth.

It is a TV-series where different experts are testing the weapons and techniques used by the warriors through times. Data like agility, power and speed are scientifically measured and loaded into a simulator. When there are 1000 simulated fights, a winner announced and it is the closest to the true answer you can get.

The first episode includes the Apache versus a Gladiator and not later than the second features the big game of Viking versus Samurai. Later highlights are Pirate versus Knight and Spartan versus Ninja. The series can be watched online here.