Sunday, June 28, 2009

Who is Zezima?

And what makes 250 000 people search for him/her in Google each month? Zezima is a player in the game Runescape. Runescape is a game few ever heard of but it is still the second largest game after World of Warcraft in its genre. The reason behind Zezima's popularity is that he/she was at the top of the hiscore list for several years.

Now to what made in interested in Zezima - the popularity of the search term and the lack of competition makes it a good opportunity to seach engine optimize a webpage and get up to 250 000 (searches per month) / 30 (days) * 40% (of total searches) ≅ 3000 visitors a day. With Google Adwords ads with a click through rate of 2% and a cost per click of $0.20 it would give 3000 * 0,02 * 0,20 = $12 per day. If we assume the clicks get paid a little less, but the website also gets visitors from long tail searches, it is still at least $10 per day. This means a monthly income of $300.

Said and done. I registered and put up a Joomla website still under construction. After 3 days it was already indexed thanks to its sitemap.xml that I pinged Google with. The site showed up at position #12 for its search term. The website is now being developed to a genuine website about Zezima, complete with forum, articles, polls and news feeds. I will update this post with further information about the progress of this project.


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